Check out Sowing Seeds for Learning and Action, the popular education curriculum accompanying Harvesting Justice. The curriculum includes more than a hundred games, discussion guides, and action items. Use it to spark discussion and action on everything from workers’ rights to community gardens to racism in the food system – and how they all fit together!

Download the curriculum [here].

What is Sowing Seeds about?

With our partners and allies, we determined several characteristics of this book:

It’s a compilation of activities, action steps, and best practices from organizations and movements;

It’s a complement to Other Worlds’ book Harvesting Justice, which shares examples of food, land, and agricultural alternatives flourishing throughout the Americas;

It’s an alternative education, an opportunity for people from all backgrounds and ages to engage with others, deepen their understanding, and act in meaningful ways to create more just food systems locally and globally;

It’s a chance to talk about different elements of change – personal, community, global, and systemic – since all are vital to making change really happen in our world;

It’s cross-pollination. By bringing together lots of existing resources into a single volume, it serves as an entry point for folks who may be addressing one or two pieces of food issues, but want to be engaged in a more holistic way. With greater breadth and depth of understanding, all of our work can be stronger.


Who is Sowing Seeds for?

Individuals and organizations in the food, land, agricultural movement; 

Individuals and organizations in the larger movement for social change; 

Teachers and students of all ages; 

Church and other faith-based organizations committed to social justice;

Youth leaders and organizers; 

Librarians and community associations; and

Anyone who wants to learn more and make a difference.