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Here’s what people are saying about Harvesting Justice:

“Field and Bell’s transformative work gets to the cultural and political heart of food politics and production. Harvesting Justice more than captures a deep, intelligent explanation of the state of food sovereignty in the Americas – it gives us an empowering, community-based framework for meaningful action. If you believe that food has power to change lives, read on.” 
- Frances Moore Lappé, author of Diet for a Small Planet and EcoMind: Changing the Way We Think, to Create the World We Want

"If our people want to eat twenty years from now, we will need food justice. We will need to transform a dependent, fossil-fuels based industrial food system into one which restores our collective relationship to the land, the plants, and each other. The stories and the vision shared in Harvesting Justice inspire and inform that work. I’m grateful for the storytellers and those whose hands are on the earth.”
- Winona LaDuke, Anishinaabe activist and environmentalist, author of Recovering the Sacred: The Power of Naming and Claiming and The Militarization of Indian Country

“If you’re wondering what on earth ‘food sovereignty’ is, I can’t think of a better place to start than Harvesting Justice. Tory Field and Beverly Bell have condensed a vast field of research and activism into a vibrant and lively handbook. It’s a terrific primer on what’s wrong with the global food system and, even better, what to do about it.” 
- Raj Patel, author of Stuffed and Starved: The Hidden Battle for the World Food System

"Harvesting Justice does more than paint a romantic picture about the way things could be. It talks about the practical struggles of various cultures and groups - what has been done, what is going on right now, and what people can do if they will it.”
- John Peterson, farmer and founder of Angelic Organics, featured in the film “The Real Dirt on Farmer John”

"Ben and Jerry’s has always promoted local agriculture. Harvesting Justice shows how the sum of local efforts everywhere can contribute to a global shift. We can reclaim power from agricultural corporations, for our future and the earth’s. This important book gives many insights and tools on how to do so.” 
- Jerry Greenfield, Co-founder, Ben and Jerry’s

"From my standpoint as a farmer, food sovereignty is a God-given right. Everyone should have the right to clean water, clean air, and wholesome food.  As long as people are hungry there will be no justice. Harvesting Justice will help educate all people who interact with food about their role in creating a humane food system and a healthy earth. It’s all about the blessings we have from Mother Earth - Protect Her.”
- Ben F. Burkett, Farmer, President of the National Family Farm Coalition

"Anyone interested in understanding more about justice in the food system should take a good look at this book. But don’t just look… use it as a resource to connect with others and take action, so you can be part of the creation of the food movement’s next chapter."
- Gerardo Reyes Chávez, Staff member, Coalition of Immokalee Workers

“Many people are familiar with the quest for healthy, organic food. But the food movement also includes the need for food justice, land reform, and other faces of food sovereignty.  If you want to see nutritious and wholesome food produced with respect for the earth available to all, you’ll love Harvesting Justice.”
- John Robbins, author of Diet For A New America, Co-founder of The Food Revolution Network