We know you care about what you eat, how it was produced, and who was harmed or who benefited in the process. Everywhere, people like you are reclaiming the food system from multinational agribusiness and putting it back in the hands of small farmers, low-income famlies, farmworkers, guardians of Native culture, and health-conscious communities. Read about these efforts in Other Worlds’ new 140-page book, Harvesting Justice: Transforming Food, Land, and Agricultural Systems in the Americas. The result of five years of research and interviews from throughout the hemisphere, the book describes strategies to in food justice and food sovereignty. An appendix and popular education curriculum offer hundreds of concrete ways to learn more and get involved.

Chapter List: 

1. Time to Make Salt: Food Sovereignty

2. A Level Planting Field: Challenging Corporate Rule

3. Good Growing Conditions: Changing Government Policies

4. Bringing it Home: Creating and Reviving Local Food Systems

5. Land of Plenty: Making Good Food Accessible to All

6. Honor the Hands: Food Worker Justice

7. Inherit the Earth: Land Reform

8. Homelands: Indigenous Territories and Sovereignty

About the Authors: 

Beverly Bell has worked for more than three decades as an organizer, advocate, and writer in collaboration with social movements in Latin America, the Caribbean, Africa, and the U.S. Her focus areas are just economies; democratic participation; and political and economic rights for women, small farmers, and indigenous peoples. She serves as coordinator of Other Worlds and associate fellow of the Institute for Policy Studies. She is based in New Orleans.

Tory Field is an organizer and farmer living in Hadley, Massachusetts. She is currently the Research and Education Coordinator at Other Worlds. Together with her partner, she runs Next Barn Over Farm, a 30-acre CSA vegetable farm. In past years she has been a community organizer with Arise for Social Justice in Springfield, MA, and coordinator of a weekly program with women incarcerated in the Rhode Island state prison.